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Let us determine the energy efficiency of your home and help you make improvements that can increase your comfort and save you money on utility bills!

Our Expertise

One of our certified professionals will assess your home’s energy performance and identify ways to save you money, improve your comfort, and protect the environment all at the same time.
Take a look at some of the ways we make upgrading your home energy efficiency as simple as possible:

Customer Service

  • We’re not a contractor, we’re a social enterprise – you can call our office and speak to one central point of contact.
  • Our specialists are friendly and trustworthy.


  • We provide you with the how and why of things, not just an engineer’s answer.
  • When we leave, you will have clear next steps including things you can do yourself to save energy and money.

Immediate Fixes

  • We have products on hand to replace instantly.
    • We can perform many upgrades for you on the same day we do the assessment (carbon monoxide detector, programmable thermostat, LED bulbs).

Contractor Referrals

  • We have a network of contractors we know and trust to refer you to for insulation, furnace, and water heater repairs or upgrades.
  • We will follow up with you after home improvements have been made to ensure satisfaction. 
Miriam from Groundwork Energy Solutions
James from Groundwork Energy Solutions

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In a few short hours, we can answer some of the most common home energy questions. Find out more about how Groundwork Energy Solutions can help you!

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